Group Training

Beginner Obedience


This is a great place to start!  Whether you have a new puppy or a new to you rescue. Maximum 8 students/course.


Training can begin at 8 weeks of age.  Don’t wait until your pup learns unacceptable behaviours. 

Start them off on the right paw!


Skills taught include:  

Walking on a loose leash 

Sit/stay; down/stay; recall – all with distractions 

Establishing eye contact (watch me) 

Go to your mat 

Leave it, take it, drop it 

Door manners/personal space 

Stop and sit at curbs 


How to properly meet another dog on leash 

Understanding dog body language 

Hand signals 


Information on nutrition and grooming 

Dealing with fear 

Taking treats gently 

Touch desensitization 

Restraint on the come 

Dog pile  

Intermediate Obedience


For those who would like something a bit more challenging or are looking to become therapy dogs.  Maximum 6 students/course.


Skills taught include:

Loose leash walking 

Increased distractions for sits, downs and recalls 

Longer stays for sits and downs  

Stand stay 

Recall through wall of dogs 

Heel, front and finishes 

Canine Good Neighbour skills introduction – accepting a friendly stranger, sit politely for petting, walking calmly through a crowd, sit and down stays with distance, calm reaction to distractions (noise/movement), blind stays, and more.

Advanced Obedience


For those who would like to continue with their training and refine their skills to perfection.  Maximum 6 students/course.  

Skills taught include:

Blind stays (longer duration)  

Distance commands

Off lead Heel 

Refining Good Neighbour skills - advanced level

Exercises to help prevent injury 

Introduction to agility training  

Fun & Games Class


Come and have fun while keeping up with obedience skills while playing fun games including obstacle courses, manoeuvring through agility equipment, and lots more fun activities! 

Games include (but are not limited to):

Group Games:


Suitcase relay

Island walk



Musical chairs

Individual games:

Tricks (shake paw, high 5, weave, touch, spin)

Balance a treat on paw or nose

Focus games

Find the treat

Walking Club


This was run as a trial this past summer and turned out to be quite a success!  This class was designed for dogs that tend to be reactive on walks.  Each week dogs build confidence with their classmates.  Classes are drop in so there are always new dogs to test your skills with.  

Clicker Training


Now offering!

 Clicker training is an animal training method that relies on marking and rewarding desirable behaviours. It is a form of operant conditioning (think Pavlov’s dogs salivating when he rang a bell). Clicker training works in three steps – observe the desired behaviour, mark the behaviour, reward the behaviour.  

 Animals that are versed in clicker training enthusiastically offer new behaviours and actually remember learned behaviours years later even if the behaviour hasn’t been performed in years.   The animal develops confidence because history dictates they have control over their actions and they expect the consequence to be desirable.