One-on-one Training



 Sometimes private training is the way to go.  Private lessons are suggested for pets in need of behaviour modification,
for aggressive pets, or for those owners with a busy schedule who are unable to make the group classes.  


Consultations for:

  • puppy selection and purchase
  • bringing puppy home
  • crate training
  • nutrition
  • exercise
  • spaying and neutering
  • good manners
  • socialization and conditioning
  • nail trimming and grooming


Behaviour Modification

We can help work on behaviours such as:

  • separation anxiety
  • resource guarding
  • door dashing
  • stealing or begging for food
  • fence jumping
  • jumping on people or furniture
  • housebreaking
  • excessive barking
  • hyperactive behaviour
  • digging
  • fears and phobias
  • aggression